Scraps: that anime

I’ll admit. I watch anime. I read manga. You know, those amazingly insane Japanese comic and animation with stories that can either pull or break your heartstrings to the deepest core with their pathos, making you feel emotionally and mentally affected you know it would scar you for years?

Yes, anime and manga.

But this would not serve as a blog post about the history of my interest in that incredible creation.

I am not an otaku; for becoming one requires a lot of fan girl stuff like reading and watching a number of anime and manga in a single day, collecting merchandises, being all Jap-like and cute-sy physically, mastering the art of drawing people, and I do not have that. If one would ask me what anime I have watched, I would most probably state old ones, from when Voltes V, Sailor Moon, and Yu Yu Hakusho were aired in the local channel, and new romantic comedy stories people took less notice of. I know about the new ones, of course, I live within their world. However, I do not read or watch anime or manga just because I love manga/anime. I choose what I want to read or watch, what I feel would most suit my taste, and that depends only whenever I am in the mood for some Japanese animation. I am not an otaku.

Needless to say, the opinions that I will bear in here shall be considered extremely subjective and unjustifiable.

Well, in a way, perhaps, for some.

Anyways, what I really want to talk about here is patience and respect.

I want to talk about Hunter X Hunter.

The anime is my current favorite. In all honesty, I am obsessed with HxH. The fan fictions that I write are all based on that anime. Mainly because of the too much heaviness and deep-seethed emotional pull it is giving me. Hunter X Hunter is a kid’s manga about a 12-year old boy who opt to find his father who left him to pursue being a Hunter. 1997 (or was it ’98) was the release of the first volume of the manga and it was aired on TV in animated gem design in 1999. It is an old piece, a classic, amazing gruesome shit that I am speechless about because of its incredible illustration and beautiful connections that can be seen and felt under the surface of it all. It is perhaps the ultimate Shonen adventure manga I have ever encountered. Of course, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc., are amazing too, I’d say. But HxH is the only anime that got me sticking to it like it’s a piece of metal and I’m a magnet. No, seriously, that is the case. And this whole phenomenon happened because of that one person.

Yoshihiro Togashi.

In Japan, what we call manga artists (or writers and creators of the Jap comics we read) is mangaka. Yoshihiro Togashi, the genius who made a gazillion fan girls scream and growl because of Killua–or Kurapika (my personal favorite), if you want to add–is the mangaka of Hunter X Hunter. He is the creator, the writer, the soul-giver, the illustrator, the father of that awesome anime you are watching today–and probably crying your hearts out like I am–Hunter X Hunter.

Do I have to repeat it? No.

Togashi is a great author. His dialogues are always so fruitful. The play on words and the logic behind every little detail are just simply beyond the thinking of an ordinary writer like me. His drawings, when taking seriously, are beautiful and detailed. I actually want to be like him. However, not in the drawing part… in the writing part. I want to incorporate his way of thinking of how things would turn out in the end or in between into my own. I want to think like him, same as the idea of how I want to think like great writers that ever lived, and still breathing.

In short, he is an insane genius.

But sometimes, a part (a huge and inevitable part) of being human can hit him bit time. When I talked about his drawings, I said “when taken seriously”, right? That is true; for sometimes, his drawings look like crap in the manga and they said it’s because he’s a lazy-bum. They said he was lazy, and they said he said he was lazy. Togashi is a lazy dude. If this was real, I would never be surprised. Why? I mean… who are we kidding, we’re all lazy at some point–at a lot of points! Now, why, in the course of my praising him, have I suddenly proposed this attitude of him (if it were real)? It is because Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus… for about a year and a half now.

Naruto, One Piece; these are two of the manga that have been released in 500-600 chapters, and counting, circulating a little later than HxH. But people might question why HxH have only released 300+ chapters when in fact it should have released a greater deal than Naruto and One Piece. My, it is because of the hiatus Togashi always announce. Apparently, he has been on hiatus in the past years, not only once but a couple of times already said the fans. Others say he was sick, that he was dying, that he has cancer, or he’s just too old to continue.

The Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine that hosts the releases of latest the Shonen stories, releases manga on a weekly basis. Meaning, they release a chapter of a particular comic every single week. That did not exempt Hunter X Hunter. And apparently, it took a toll on Togashi.

I read in an article that once, because of the pressure the editors are giving the artists, it came to the point where Togashi’s right arm had a problem and he broke down and confronted the publishing company, saying that he’ll sue them if ever they made him work for hours only to publish a chapter within a week. I think the article said that the publishing company had a hold on Togashi, and they cannot let go of him. That explained his flexible schedule in writing and drawing, and in releasing volumes as well.

That explained the hiatuses. For me.

I personally think that Togashi has art in his soul. I feel like he is one of those great artists who take time in doing something creative and artistic, because that is art. Forcing art and creativity would result to poor quality, I believe; for I have experienced it. I think that Togashi really wanted to take his time writing and drawing for him to be able to give the fans what he truly want to show–his best.

Now, this is not a cheesy post because I also believe that it’s also because he’s one lazy old man. For heaven’s sake, his awesome manga is on hiatus and there he is, doing interviews, gathering with other artist friends, caught sipping a cup of tea in the streets of Tokyo. Really!

But I really think that he wanted time. He needed time. Art need not be rushed.

This is the real reason why I decided to publish this blog post in the first place. I want to speak out about the harsh, hard-hitting, rude words other fans throw at his name. I will not name names. I will speak in general.

There are times when I read comments about how lazy and shitty Togashi is for not updating, how stupid he is for leaving such an awesome piece of art, others curse him, saying things like he should die instead if he’s not going to update the manga. It is sad. Truly, it is sad.

The man has not updated. I know they are upset. I mean, I am, too. But I don’t think cursing him or telling him to die would not help in taking Togashi out of his real-life world and putting him back in the manga world. I want to tell them to shut the fuck up if they won’t have any sympathetic thing to say about it. I want to. I really, really want to tell them “SHUT THE FUCK UP. JUST BE PATIENT. HAVE FAITH.

Have fucking faith in the author.”

I mean, if they call themselves fans, they would complain but still patiently wait for the author to update, right? They should support him, am I correct? If they do that to pressure the man,to verbally insist that he should freaking release a volume already, no, that is not a reasonable excuse. They could have said polite things, or control themselves when they are outraged. Cursing is fine. I do that too.

Bullshit. Crap. Fuck.


But they did not have to say that to a person just because of a reason they themselves do not know. They do not know what Togashi is doing. He might be creating amazing things throughout the hiatus span. And there, unknowingly, his fans–no, Hunter X Hunter‘s fans–are cursing him because he could not give it a little earlier than what they had expected.

Patience, kids.

And respect.

Saying bad things about the man made you look like you’re just milking the cows for personal gain (income purposes), then you’re just going to kill the cow afterwards.

That’s unfair. Give the person enough credit.

What I am saying is that, we should be more sensitive. Let us learn to put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

Patience and respect.

If it weren’t for Togashi, that fucking awesome anime would have never existed in the first place.

Patience and respect.